Sunblaster Growlight Gardens


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Sunblaster Growlight Gardens are the perfect countertop containers for growing salad, micro-greens, herbs, and starting seeds. Ideal for limited spaces.

Go away for a worry free 2-week vacation! The Wicking System draws water and nutrients from the reservoir into the base via the wicking mat into the specifically engineered trays. 

The trays are designed for proper air circulation between the wicking mat and the tray bottom providing good air movement and helping to keep the root zone healthy



Growlight Garden

  • 2x SunBlaster T5HO 24″  grow lights with 17W 6400K ballasts
  • 2x SunBlaster NanoTech T5 Reflectors for max output
  • 4 Auto watering trays
  • T power cord connecting the grow lights
  • Canopy- adjustable to 18″ above the plant canopy
  • Heavy-duty base/reservoir
  • Raised platform for auto watering 
  • Wicking mat gives automatic watering for up to 2 weeks
  • Black only
  • 24″L x 16″W x 18″H


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