Hyper Fan Climate Controller


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Know Your Fan Speed & Room Temperature

The HyperFan Climate Controller is a digital speed and temperature controller designed for use with the Phresh HyperFan.

The innovative design means that there are no large gaps between fan speeds, creating quieter operation and less stress on the fan.

Extremely simple to use and It is also intelligent. When it senses a change in temperature it will react quickly to larger temperature changes, but slowly to smaller changes.

It will record the min and max temperatures and growers can choose whether the controller displays C or F temps.

  • Lowest energy use of any fan filter controller system
  • Constantly maintains the optimal daytime temperature
  • Thermostatically changes the fans rpm speed as needed
  • Fan speed fall back to custom set RPM on cold nights
  • Y piece included for two fans
  • 3 to 2 pin adapter included for series 1/2 hyper fans

*Tip for setting fan speed:

The speed should be set to create a constant pull of the air through the grow area and ensure the carbon filter is constantly removing pollutants without dragging excess cold air into the grow room which can result in stunted growth. Negative pressure is indicated by the room door just starting to slightly suck shut. Adjust the minimum speed to suit your requirements. Start at 35% until negative pressure is barely achieved.



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