Medi One Organic Nutrient Kit [1 Part Base Nutrient And 4 Additives Kit]


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How Could This Be Simpler?

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Medi One Nutrient Kit includes all natural nutrients. This kit will take you from transplant to harvest in a simple easy to mix program. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

 500ml Medi One

  • Is an award-winning organic base nutrient. Using readily available macroelements and microelements you will experience better vegetative growing and big bright flowering.


Medi One additive package is made with all natural ingredients. You can be confident that your medicine or produce is safe for consumption.


  • 500ml Ocean Magic

Atlantic ocean sea kelp found in pristine, unpolluted north Atlantic waters. Supports rooting and reduces stress in transplants. Used throughout your growing cycle it will improve nutrient uptake and vitality in your plants.

  • 500ml Massive Bloom Formula

Massive Bloom Formula includes a unique blend of natural nutrients and bees waste including honeycomb. The effects will make your plants’ buds, fruits and flowers denser and larger. Bloom booster extraordinaire! 

  • 500ml Liquid Weight Carbs

Liquid Weight gives your plants needed carbohydrates. Plants will use it to feed the microbial life in the roots and an added energy source for the plants. Results are larger harvests.

  • 500ml Rezin Extract Enhancer

Rezin contains acid created by fermentation. This is the coup de gras to finishing your plants flowering cycle and it enhances the flavors, taste and aromas.

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