Kind LED K5 Series Grow Lights



Grow More-Better-Faster!

The Kind LED K5 Series Grow Lights mix 3 and 5-watt diodes to copy the sun’s spectrum. Fully adjustable to give any plant the right combination of light spectrum they need from start to harvest.
No need for external timers. The K5 grow lights have a built-in remote controlled timer and can mimic a dawn and dusk cycle, waking the plants gently and slowly dimming at the end of the daily cycle. 
  • Seedling to harvest
  • 60% of the wattage of a traditional HPS light- maximum power 600w
  • 30- 40% savings in electricity
  • Light lasts 50,000 hours- (10 years- 12 hours on & 12 off)
  • Eliminates bulb changes and saves $100’s 
  • Runs cooler than HPS solving the heat problem and saving $100’s by eliminating fans and cooling systems
  • More light per watt than traditional lights, producing more yields per watt
  • Remote controlled, fully adjustable,12 band Perfect Spectrum light to mimic the sun
  • Dimmable from 1%- 100% gives up to 1,000,000 light combinations
  • 8 different timer settings/day
  • Dual optical lens/diode focuses the light down into the canopy in a 90-degree cone giving deeper penetration and reaching lower flowers
  •  PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming allows the light to only consume as much power as it needs to drive the diodes at their set level of brightness.
  • 3 year manufactures warranty
  • 90-day money back satisfaction  guarantee


  • Kind LED K5 XL750 covers 4’x4′
  • Kind LED K5 XL1000 covers 5’x5′

 Remote Control Instructions


LED light technology has vastly improved in the last few years to the point that it is a better quality grow light than traditional bulbs. Although the upfront cost is higher for the grow lights, you don’t have to spend extra money on air conditioning or additional exhaust fans saving up to $500. in set up costs, making them a better option in the end.

Kind LED grow lights provide your plants with 12 color bands in the light spectrum where other manufacturers offer 2-3.

The only downside to LED grow lights is that you will have to heat your tent or grow room because LED lights are so much cooler than HID lights. Optimal temperatures to grow plants in is between 82-85 degrees F (28-29.5 C). But the good news is your CO2 levels will increase because of this optimal temperature.



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