Kind LED K3 Series Grow Lights



Above all you need light!

Kind LED has worked tirelessly developing the next generation of LED lighting.

LED light technology has vastly improved in the last few years to the point that it is a better quality grow light than traditional bulbs. Although the upfront cost is higher for the grow lights you don’t have to spend extra money on air conditioning or additional exhaust fans saving up to $500. in set up costs, making them a better option in the end.

The only downside to LED grow lights are that you may have to heat your tent or grow room because LED lights are so much cooler than HID lights. Optimal temperatures to grow plants in is between 82-85 degrees F (28-29.5 C). The good news is your CO2 levels will increase because of this optimal temperature.

Kind LED grow lights provide your plants with 12 color bands in the light spectrum where other manufacturers offer 2-3. 

The K3 Series Grow Lights use 3 watts LED which gives you the most efficient power level and penetrates the canopy of your plants better so the plants will flower farther down the stalk than with other lights.

  •  40% less power than HSP lights
  • Grow in small tight spaces
  • Grow when it’s hot outside
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • No toxic metals or Mercury to end up in landfills going into your groundwater




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