Hydro Fuel- 4 Part Nutrient Starter Kit by Green Planet


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Accelerate Your Grow


Hydro Fuel- 4 Part Nutrient Starter Kit by Green Planet works in recirculating and drain to waste hydroponic systems. 

Everything your hydroponic garden needs to go from start to finish. Accelerated growth and amazing results.

  •  2- 500ml Grow 
  • 2- 500ml Bloom 


Green Planet takes great pride in the quality of their solutions and this kit also comes with some of Green Planet’s top 4 additives to help your plants reach their full potential.

Also included 500mls of

  • Vitathrive

Vitathrive gives your baby plants all the minerals and vitamins to support a healthy start. 

  • Massive

Massive includes a unique blend of natural nutrients and bees waste. The effects will make your plants’ buds, fruits and flowers denser and larger. Bloom booster extraordinaire! 

  • Liquid Weight

Liquid Weight gives your plants needed carbohydrates. Plants can use it to directly divert it to feed the microbial life in the roots.

  • Rezin 

Rezin is a new supplement to the Green Planet nutrient line up and contains acid created by fermentation. This is the coup de gras to finishing your plants flowering cycle and it enhances the flavors and aromas.

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