GeoPot Fabric Growing Pots With Handles



Get A Handle On Container Gardening

Cloth pots are a new idea that’s catching on. When the roots grow to the edge of a cloth pot they will stop there.

This is called air pruning. When the roots of the plant reach the sides of a fabric pot they won’t grow through the fabric This forces the plant to create new roots to branch out and spread through the potting medium. The plant is producing smaller, more fibrous roots and filling up the cloth container. This creates more root hairs and root tips and the plant will take up more water and nutrients increasing yields in a shorter time. 

  • Aerated fabric pot promotes healthy roots through air pruning, getting making better plants and giving higher yields.
  • Durable, washable, and reusable for up to 5 cycles, making them a great buy
  • Constructed with geotextile fabric and has quad-stitch seams
  • Handles are constructed with marine-grade, durable stitching and make moving and handling plants easier
  • BPA free
  • Self-supporting square bottom design
  • Allows proper water drainage, and naturally keeps roots cool.
  • Handles allow for easy movement of pots







**Minimum order 4 pots

Weight N/A


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