8-16 AutoPot Complete Systems (Includes FlexiTanks)



Grow More


Maximize Yields, Minimize Maintenance, Save Time & Money


AutoPots with a FlexiTank allows you to grow as much as you want and still be the most simple system you can buy.

Because each plant has its own pot and AQUAvalve, it will use only what it requires in water and nutrients. No guessing how much nutrients to feed, you simply add the nutrients to the reservoir and let the plant decide.


The ingenuity of the Autopot system is based on its patented “Aquavalve”.


Because the system uses gravity, there isn’t a need for power, timers, pumps, or hand watering. AutoPot watering systems use 40-45% less water and fertilizer of other systems.

The Watering System reservoir never needs to be re-calibrated as the water doesn’t recirculate. This ensures that the correct ppm and pH are supplied to the plants every time they require nutrient-enriched water.

As the water only travels in one direction from the supply reservoir to the trays, the potential to spread disease is greatly reduced. In recirculating systems, if one plant has a disease it’s highly likely that others will also inherit the disease, potentially destroying the entire crop. 

The flexibility and modular design enable you to create a layout of any shape or size, which can be altered or extended at any time.


About The Autopot System

  • Most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world
  • Easy to use in all environmental conditions
  • Increase yields and reduce the consumption of water 
  • No loss of water, run-off or leakage
  • Operated by gravity pressure
  • Automatic and extendable self-watering system
  • No need of power, pump or timer to operate!
  • Ideal for all type of gardeners, professional or not


Each System Includes

  • AQUAvalve 
  • AutoPot Click-fit 16mm-6mm Tank Adapter and Inline Filter 
  • Root Control Discs- black & gold
  • 3,9m (13ft) of 6mm (¼”) pipe 
  • 6mm (¼”) top-hat grommet
  • 6mm (¼”) mesh filter
  • 6mm (¼”) cross connectors
  • 6mm (¼”) tee connector
  • Reservoir and zippered lid


Tank Sizes For # Of Pots

  • 8 pots- 25 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 9 pots- 25 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 12 pots- 60 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 16 pots- 60 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 24 pots- 105 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 36 pots- 105 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 48 pots- 105 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 60 pots- 105 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 80 pots- 200 Gallon FlexiTank
  • 100 pots- 200 Gallon FlexiTank


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