4 and 6 AutoPots (Complete Systems)



Growing Made Simple

Maximize Yields, Minimize Maintenance, Save Time & Money

AutoPots allow your plants to be in control of their individual needs. Because each plant has it’s own pot and AQUAvalve it can take up what it requires in water and nutrients.

The ingenuity of the Autopot system is based on its patented “Aquavalve” valve system. No need for power, timers, pumps, or hand watering. The system uses gravity to water and feed from a reservoir. AutoPot watering systems use 40-45% less water and fertilizer of other systems.

In a case study from one grower that hand watered for 20 years every day with 20 gallons of water and fertilizer. After switching his entire operation over to AutoPot Watering Systems he discovered he had been underwatering his plants for 20 years. In using The AutoPot system he increased his production by over 30% and reduced his workload by 80%. 

No more guessing how much nutrients to feed either, you simply add the nutrients to the reservoir and let the plant take what it needs.

The Watering System reservoir never needs to be re-calibrated as the water does
not recirculate. This ensures that the correct ppm and pH are supplied to the
plants every time they require nutrient-enriched water. As the water only travels
in one direction from the supply reservoir to the trays, the potential to
spread disease is greatly reduced. In recirculating systems, if one plant has
a disease it’s highly likely that others will also inherit the disease, potentially
destroying the entire crop. 

*The flexibility and modular design enable you to create a layout of any shape or size, which can be altered or extended at any time.


Include an AirDome and watch your plants yield up to 30% more. AirDomes increase the oxygen content in the pot for healthier roots and better uptake of nutrients. The AirDome shouldn’t be used with peat-based soil but with a fluffy mix such as Royal Gold Coco Fiber, 50% compost, 50% perlite or a potting mix with 50% perlite.


Package Includes

  • Reservoir & Lid
  • Pots
  • Pot trays & lids


Plus each pot includes

  • AQUAvalve 
  • Root Control Discs- black & gold
  • 3,9m (13ft) of 6mm (¼”) pipe 
  • 6mm (¼”) top-hat grommet
  • 6mm (¼”) golf filter
  • 6mm (¼”) cross connectors
  • 6mm (¼”) tee connectors
  • 6mm (¼”) inline tap


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